The Second Asia Workshop on Software Engineering
    Sept. 16-18, 2022 ▪ Online
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Papers in the main technical program must describe high-quality, original research. Topics of interest include all aspects of software engineering including, but not limited to
▪ AI for Software Engineering
▪ Agile methodologies
▪ Cloud and Service-oriented Computing
▪ Component-based Software Engineering
▪ Configuration Management and Deployment
▪ Cooperative, Distributed, and Global Software Engineering
▪ Cyber-physical Systems and Internet of Things
▪ Debugging, Defect Prediction and Fault Localization
▪ DevOps and Container
▪ Embedded Real-time Systems
▪ Empirical Software Engineering
▪ Formal Methods
▪ Human Factors and Social Aspects of Software Engineering
▪ Middleware, Frameworks, and APIs
▪ Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems
▪ Model-driven and Domain-specific Engineering
▪ Open Source Development
▪ Parallel, Distributed, and Concurrent Systems
▪ Programming Languages and Systems
▪ Refactoring
▪ Requirements Engineering
▪ Reverse Engineering
▪ Search-based Software Engineering
▪ Security, Reliability, and Privacy
▪ Software Architecture, Modelling and Design
▪ Software Comprehension, Visualization, and Traceability
▪ Software Engineering Education
▪ Software Engineering Process and Standards
▪ Software Engineering for Smart Manufacturing
▪ Software Engineering Tools and Environments
▪ Software for Green and Sustainable Technologies
▪ Software Maintenance and Evolution
▪ Software Product-line Engineering
▪ Software Project Management
▪ Software Reuse
▪ Software Repository Mining and Data Analytics
▪ Testing, Verification, and Validation
▪ Web-based Software Engineering